Yoga Meditation Classes

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Yoga & Meditation Classes

(Offered inside the attached Kaia F.I.T. studio)

One of our favorite prescriptions.

Yoga Meditation Classes - Temecula, Fallbrook, Murrieta

Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic pill, something that we could prescribe that would give you a happier, healthier and longer life? Well, there is - exercise.

When you exercise, you'll lose weight, improve your health and enjoy the reduction of many diseases and conditions. Regular exercise may help you lower cholesterol, help prevent heart disease, control diabetes and help prevent or manage back pain and osteoporosis.

We offer daily yoga classes to enhance your fitness regime. Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years and has amazing health benefits. You'll gain increased flexibility, balance, and strength and maybe lose a few points on your blood pressure and cholesterol. Yoga is also great for our minds and overall sense of well-being. We always finish our yoga classes with a 15-20 minute guided meditation designed for relaxation and mental focus.

The yoga/meditation classes at Kairin Clinic are led by Aria DesRoberts and are a combination of yoga, pilates and strength training. Don't worry if you've never attended a yoga class before (You don't have to be a human pretzel!). And don't worry if you are limited by injuries – there is a variation for every pose. Patients of the Kairin Clinic and Kaia F.I.T. members get special discounts on yoga classes.

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  • One class $10
  • 10 class pass $90
  • 20 class pass $150
  • One Month Unlimited $99