About Kairin Clinic

Mind, body and spirit.

You often hear about the unity of mind, body and spirit, but medicine often isn't practiced that way. Kairin Clinic truly takes a holistic approach to women's health and preventative medicine. You can come here to see your doctor but you can also receive nutritional counseling, get enrolled in Kaia F.I.T. women's fitness class, receive depression/anxiety therapy or take a yoga class. You'll experience a team approach to practical medicine, natural remedies and laser skin care such as IPL / sun spot removal / photofacials or Pixel / fraxel / resurfacing.

Your health is a partnership.

We'll sit down with you and give you our full attention. We'll take the time to listen to your concerns and talk about your life, habits and what stresses you out. You'll discover that we are minimalists when it comes to medication. We really try to avoid prescribing a bunch of pills to make your body function appropriately. We believe in alternative health and natural therapies and think that if patients take an active role and eat a balanced diet, participate in an exercise routine and take steps to reduce stress in their lives, they can greatly improve their level of health.

Medicines With a Woman’s Touch.

Come and be pampered during your visit, after all this is medicine with a woman’s touch. You’ll check in to our spa-like serene space, maybe enjoy some herbal tea in the waiting room or receive an aromatherapy wrap while waiting for your appointment with your physician. You’re relaxed. You’re serene. You’re at Kairin Clinic.

We created the medical practice WE would want to visit or send our family to.
You’re relaxed, You’re serene. You’re at Kairin Clinic.

Marking the Way

Have you ever seen those stacks of rocks marking the trail while hiking? They’re known as cairn, a Gaelic word meaning path. They also inspired the name of our practice – Kairin Clinic. We’re here to help guide you on your path to wellness.